Suck it, work week! We just kicked your ass. Time to celebrate with some cold brews, hot pizza and conversation of a still to be determined temperature! That's right, we got an open thread people, so let's talk hard!!

Ahem, sorry. Got a little carried away there. Anywho, the most interesting thing that happened during my Friday was getting around to posting a picture that Gabe Newell e-mailed me late last night. Turns out that was a critical piece of the ongoing Valve ARG and boy was I embarrassed when I finally waded into the Valve ARG Wiki irc channel and dropped that JPEG bomb on them.

I could tell they were appreciative as they insulted me and the site. Feels good to help people out, you know? It all worked out in the end and we all hugged it out, more or less.

Enough about my interactions with total strangers on the internet. How about you interacting with strangers on the internet? Or maybe just reading and watching and enjoying the following. Adios!!

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