It's dangerous to rock out. Here, take this. It's $95, is real, and comes fully endorsed, because it has the word "FUZZ" on it. No harm ever came from a combination of fuzz and guitars.

We're a bit sceptical about the item's selling spiel:

The Bit Legend of Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal is an intense sawtooth shaping fuzz that creates tones reminiscent of C64, Atari, and other old video game consoles. Operates on standard 9 volt battery.


That might be a bit of a stretch for a humble effects pedal, but hey, as has been pointed out, it's got a Zelda theme on it as well as the word "fuzz". That should be good enough for most.

Devi Ever The Bit: Legend of Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal [Musician's Friend, via Insert Credit]

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