A Wooden Neo Geo Is A Masterpiece Of Fine Craftsmanship

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This is a Neo Geo. A working, fully armed and operational Neo Geo. Made entirely of finely-crafted walnut. I don't know the precise moment master craftsmen and video games got together, but it's a union worth celebrating.

The entire console's casing is made out of walnut. Even the cartridge slot. Everything inside, though, is pure Neo Geo. Shipping next month, the console has a universal power supply, meaning whether you're in the US, Europe or Japan, you can order one and know it'll work on your relevant voltage.

Such a great console with such a great finish was always going to come at a price, however: it costs $649. Expensive, but then, in a poignant touch $649 was the retail price of the Neo Geo when it was on the market for real.


Neo Geo Consolized MVS [Analogue Interactive, via Engadget]

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That, looks class. Nice.

I always wanted and Neo-Geo, but it as either financially inappropriate or difficult to find one that I was happy to buy. This would solve the latter problem, but that price...sheesh, that price.