A Wonderful Interview With a Disabled Japanese Gamer Flown Out to the World's Biggest Fighting Game Tournament

In one of the most touching stories of the year, the fighting game readers of community website Shoryuken banded together to help disabled Japanese gamer Osamu Ichikawa get to this year's EVO tournament in Las Vegas.


Ichikawa, who suffers from cerebral palsy, only just got to play Street Fighter in an arcade for the first time thanks to the difficulties he faces getting access to them in Japan. Over the past weekend he got to do a whole lot more, though, as he was indeed able to attend EVO - thanks to donations from Shoryuken readers - and go face to face with serious opponents.


This interview, done by Cross Counter TV for Shoryuken, is just...great. A really great watch.

Osamu Ichikawa Talks About His EVO 2012 Experience, Thanks Everyone for Their Support [SRK]

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Now it he was a female disabled, someone'd have to screw with his/her wheelchair controls or something.. Cause they're morally obliged to do that to any female.. :p

:poke, poke, trololo.avi: