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Capcom's releasing fifteen of its classic games on Nintendo's 3DS and Wii U Virtual Consoles. That includes ten Mega Man games.

Of the fifteen games, three—Gargoyle's Quest II, Mighty Final Fight, and Street Fighter 2010—will be to be coming to the 3DS as well as the Wii U. In addition to those, the following nine titles have been confirmed for a 2014 release on the Wii U Virtual Console:

  • Breath of Fire
  • Demon's Crest
  • Mega Man 5
  • Mega Man 6
  • Mega Man 7
  • Mega Man X3
  • Mega Man Zero
  • Mega Man Battle Network
  • Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge

And finally, three more Mega Man games—Mega Man Zero 2, Mega Man Battle Network 2, and Mega Man Battle Network 3—will be released on Wii U at some point in the future.


So in all, that's fifteen retro Wii U games, three of which are coming to 3DS too, and ten of which are Mega Man. A little nostalgia to look forward to.

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Mega Man 7 image courtesy of GameFAQs user SScloud99.

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