A Weekend To Surpass Metal Gear

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Kotaku has changed. For a couple of days... because Ben and Narelle are in charge.

Ok, that intro may have been a bit too serious. We’re really here to cover for the wonderful Ethan Gach and have some fun with you lovely folks. While you may still see some thrilling eSports reports from the Compete crew, we’re gonna be touching on much sillier (but still interesting) subjects like cartoons, old Lego games, Persona waifus, E3 dreams, and Hotline Miami art.

If you’d like to chat, feel the need to point out an glaring grammatical error, or want to tip us off on some breaking news, you can do so in the comments or via Twitter. You can find Ben @SuperBentendo and Narelle @Zarnyx. And if you’re staring off into the horizon and thinking, “Aww man. I want to write some articles about gaming too,” then you should come check out Kotaku’s reader-run blog, Talk Amongst Yourselves. It’s where we both hang out regularly, and it’s a wonderful little community.


Hold on to those computer screens, Kotaku readers. It’s time to take this weekend to a whole new level!

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Joakim Jonsson

This is but the first step of TAY taking over the world.