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A Week (Or So) In Comments

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hostesses? Ha! Hosts!
Comment by: hbkotaku
Nominated by: MonkeyBiz

I guess most people commented here are Westerners, which makes sense to me.

It's just cultural difference. I don't get why people overreact so much.

I grew up in Japan and China and it's pretty safe to say that not only in Japan, in China, Taiwan, Korea(pretty much everywhere in East Asia), pretty looking guy(as oppose to manly man) has always been an important part in eastern aesthetics, history and culture.

In Asian old literature, portray of beautiful man like woman is very common. Also exists in Chinese Beijing Opera, Japanese Kabuki, they both have man playing female character. And there are many words and phrases to describe pretty man in Japanese and Chinese(eg. the expression that the man is so pretty that he's like a flower exist in both languages) . In Asian culture, if you see someone or say someone pretty, beautiful or feminine, people won't think it's weird or unmanly. It's just one type of beauty recognized by the society. And what's more, not all Asian guys will go with that style. There are tons of non-feminine men who are considered good looking in Asian culture(check out Hirai Ken). If you do get the chance to go to Japan or other East Asian countries, you won't see the hair-sprayed guys everywhere.

So if someone judge or bash it simply because the different culture, I would say it's really one-sided and unfair. I come from that culture and I'm man myself, yet I see nothing wrong with it because it's what considered good looking and fashionable.

If we put the other way around, Western stereotypical man with a lot muscles and body hair might be very disgusting to many people in Asia, too. And it's pretty funny to see some people bashing the hair style while in the West, men basically don't style their hair(well, short cut with gel doesn't count).

God Of War Writer Gets Shanked
Comment by: Tacticalspoon
Nominated by: ViewtifulJoe


Writing procedure for God of War game:

1) Center text on page horizontally and vertically.
2) Change font to 72pt
3) Push CapsLock
5) Add multiple exclamation points, for emphasis.
6) ???


Sony Making A Movie Out Of...Rollercoaster Tycoon
Comment by: CloserDivision
Nominated by: (Vashified) Ratosai

Magic 8 Ball the Movie. Will it suck ass?
Signs point to Yes.

Modern Warfare Developers Seek Half a Billion in Activision Suit UPDATE
Comment by: Stealth_chill
Nominated by: jayc4life

On top of a mountain high,
there was a man named Kotick who was clever and sly.
"I will keep their money!" he said with a hunched- back.
Even though it was clearly a breach of contract.
He had no excuse, he couldn't implore!
what would cause the firing of infinity ward.
"I've got an idea! a marvelous sensation!, i will charge those fools with insubordination!"
He thought he had won, he was having much fun,
Till he found he was sued by 37 plus 1.
"We had enough!" IW said in their plea. "You can't force us here for MW3!"
So Kotick is in trouble, he might have to pay,
the members of IW who signed with EA.
So the story continues, will IW get the boot?
Or will kotick's pocket get destroyed like a tactical nuke?


Best Buy Launching Its Own Video Game Mag
Comment by: KillerBeeTX
Nominated by: Dominic J

Checking out at Best Buy:

- Would you like an extended warranty?
- Do you have a rewards card? No? Would you like to fill one out? It is free.
- Would you like to apply for a Best Buy card?
- Are you sure you wouldn't like to buy the warranty on that?
- Would you like a free magazine subscription to one of three leading magazines?
- Would you like a subscription to our Best Buy magazine? It comes with money saving coupons.
- Are you sure you wouldn't like to buy the warranty on that?
- Can I see your credit card?
- Would you like a bag?
- Are you sure you wouldn't like a Rewards Card? It is free!
- Did I mention that we now have our own Best Buy magazine? Would you like to buy a subscription? It has coupons!
- Here is your receipt. Please go online and take the survey and you could win a $5000 shopping spree!


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