Awesome Gamer Lesbian Wedding
Comment by: TheOmnitron
Nominated by: (Human) Gyaruson

Unfortunately, this wedding was refused classification by the Australian marriage board...

Breaking Down the Sex in Dragon Age: Origins
Comment by: iqbalicarus
Nominated by: Showmeyomoves!

"But the casual sex, which could be used as a tool to deepen your understanding and empathy for the other characters, tends to reinforce the idea of women as alternately jealous, catty, smothering, and weak-willed (easily taking back a lover that has strayed), while perpetuating the stereotype of the promiscuous gay/bisexual man. I guess what I'm saying is...the sex could be better."

Except that, in a histrionic cosmos (fiction, theater, film), the world exists in bedlam. Sexual jealousy, erotomania and the obscene suffering of a thousand Pietas are the stuff that arrest our passions. Videogames do not exist in order to 'present ideas' or conjure archetypes. They exist in order to satisfy a universal will-to-nullification. Where else can the bureaucrat, these days, violate Paradise? Workers, especially in a democracy, always have fascist dreams: everyone wants to ejaculate death. Who the hell looks for moral realism in a videogame? Character, in videogames, is defined by exaggeration: the princess who pleads, the plumber who saves her and the Tyrant who grotesquely mirrors the hero (The 'dark double' is videogaming's immortal cliche. Mario = sexless longing. Wario = Coprophilia). The ethos, usually, is 'Murder Death Kill.'

So, why the fuck does this gesticulating dandy pretend that he will find a glorious image of Empathy within the gutter? Martin Buber never went to Sodom.

Leave us workers our pyromania.

Winter Wonder October
Comment by: deanbmmv
Nominated by: D-K, a burning sensation


Not so Wonderful
To: Bash
From: Crecente
Re: What a Weird Day

So after spending the day making snow angels in the backyard
I found out my neighbour has really really bad dandruff.


Final Fantasy XIII: "Shut Up And Come Quiet"
Comment by: Americo
Nominated by: Showmeyomoves!

I'd come quiet, but that would take away from the moment.

Toyota Exec: Realistic Video Games Make Cars Unnecessary
Comment by: GunFlame
Nominated by: aurahackÂşAllant


He's right, I've been driving OutRun to work for almost 20 years.

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