A Week of PC Gaming on Kotaku

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One might think that Kotaku Tower is a place bereft of computers, or at least gaming on computers, judging by how infrequently we write about them. But that couldn't be further from the truth.


More than half of us actually love computer gaming. I myself grew up on PC gaming, skipping everything from the Nintendo 64 to the original Playstation because of my deep connection with gaming on a desktop.

I remember sitting with a tattered thesaurus by my side playing through word adventures on a TRS-80. I remember the first time I saw a game running on my dad's work 8088 or the joy of fast-playing through a tape of saved games, counting the gaps of silence, as I hunted for a bootleg copy of Joust.

My first, my only Summer of Brian was dedicated to playing and replaying through X-Com. My first audio card was purchased so I could hear the sounds of dialog in Wing Commander II. The first game I knowingly pirated was saved off the servers of my University mainframe.

Up until last year I built all of my desktops from parts with my dad or on my own. I still have a closet filled with keyboards, mice, mousepads, and, yes, floppies. My dad has an entire room loaded with old computers and my Gorilla printer.

Whether you grew up in the age of computer gaming or have even ever turned on a game on a computer, if you're a gamer you owe your hobby to the computer. The first video games all ran on mainframes in the 50s and 60s. 1961's Spacewar! is a computer game.

This week we pay tribute to all of our roots as a gamer, looking at the past, present and future of gaming on a PC. Join us with your own memories, experiences, thoughts on gaming on a computer.



I started as a young lad on dos, playing Wolfenstein 3D and Raptor (scrolling game where you are a plane shooting other planes). Simultaneously I was playing Super Nintendo; Donkey Kong Country among others. One Easter, I remember waking up 3 hours before everyone, went downstairs to realize the bunny already came, and he left me and my brother a N64...I went nuts and couldn't sleep. Played Mario, Super Smashbrothers, and a variety of other games. On a Christmas I remember my parents bought my brother and I a PS2. I played a lot of early football and hockey games, as well as Dynasty Warriors, DDR, and a bunch of other crap on it. Then it got a manufacturer defect on it that caused really slow load times and lag...couldn't warrenty it so I went out and bought a slim PS2 for myself. My brother blames me for the fat PS2's demise to this day, he even sometimes tries to say the slim is part his because of it. Fork over $100 to go halfsies from when I payed for it jerk. I tolerate him playing Guitar Hero 1-4 on it, because I like hearing him fail :) . During my PS2 reign, I was also playing CounterStrike and Day of Defeat at a lan store that the dad of a friend of mine owned. Luckily his dad and my dad were best friends in high school, so they worked out a deal so I got to play for free. I was basically there every weekend playing all day. I had a crappy computer at the time, and my family had nothing but dial up. A few years later we finally got DSL and I started getting addicted to Diablo 2 and DotA, while still going to the game store on weekends. Sadly, my freshman year of high school the game store closed, and I was forced to withdraw from CounterStrike and Day of Defeat because my crap computer at the time couldn't play the games. I was stuck with D2 and Wc3, while playing some SC1 as well through this time. I had medical issues in my sophomore year of high school, and during frequent recoveries I grew attached the trivia bots while in battle.net channels on SC1. After that I got back into DotA and played with a clan. Left that for awhile and got back into D2. After graduation from high school I bought a gaming PC. Played TF2 for 2 years, bought another gaming PC when intel i7 cores came out, played more TF2. All of this had CoD4 addiction, Fallout 3 addiction, CoD5 addiction, Mass Effect addiction, Dragon Age addition, and a few others sprinkled in there, but I always returned to TF2. Quite a story eh?