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The Week In Games: Gathered Together ...
Comment by: Veit
Nominated by: Owen Good

See, the point is, the Batman isn't just smart, he's smart enough to understand and analyze the weaknesses of his opponents. If he's fighting Superman, that utility belt is going to have kryptonite on it. If he's fighting a Green Lantern, you can bet your ass he'll show up to the brawl in a banana costume. He's a well-trained fighter, a super-scientist, and rich enough to finance whatever he needs.


The PlayStation 3's Next Big Innovation Is... 3D Bikinis
Comment by: Sackboy

My first thought:
My second thought:
Wow I need a girlfriend.

Hacker Claims To Have The PS3's Front Door Keys
Comment by: sereal

I have read a lot of comments as usual condemning the hackers(and even kotaku for posting this), claiming that this will only be used for piracy.

What was done is a good thing. Until I start renting consoles, I own it. It's mine. If I want to throw a bunch of zeros and ones at it, or a rock, it's my choice and no one can say otherwise cause it's mine. Sony removed linux and people started hacking their console. The people who did the hacking have zero interest in piracy, they simply owned a piece of hardware that was crippled and they decided to fix that.

Sure there will be piracy, but every console has piracy. Sony had a extremely good run and hopefully they will learn their lesson next gen by giving hackers, and other interested minds access to the guts of the hardware - leaving those talented enough to crack it no reason to. Meaning only those interested in piracy will be trying to crack it.

The game industry has grown despite the wide spread availability of highspeed connections and easy tools to download copyrighted material. The game industry isn't hurting cause of piracy. Claims that piracy is hurting them is a convenient excuse to make up for bad games, poor marketing or simply lack of a interested market.

All that this hack has done is made it possible to do things on your console sony either doesn't want you to, doesn't have time for, or has no profitable side effect of doing so. It also means that years later your console might not become a paperweight, and have some other uses. Much like how the xbox1 became a very nice media center with XBMC. It also means that long after the PSN is shutdown you can still play games online.

Angry Psychology Professor Explains Angry Birds' Success
Comment by: [ZTF]The Power
Nominated by: p4w4rr10r

"...you get the false impression you are improving as a person."

A rather apt description of a psychology degree.

Doctors Say The 3DS Is Safe, Potentially Beneficial To Children
Comment by: MetalZombie


Things like this should be taken with a grain of salt and people should use there best judgement and decide for themselves.

If your child starts to complain about vision problems or headaches after playing 3DS for hours on end there may just be an issue. Better yet, do what my parents did (and what I did with my child) and limit there play time just to be safe and also to promote a more varied and healthier life style and as a side affect reduce any potentially adverse side effects.

Because Doctors also said...

Fish is good for you eat more fish... oh crap, fish can contain high levels of mercury, um you should still make it part of you diet just don't eat to much.

And then there is...

(Insert new drug here) is clinically test and is completely safe to use.

2 years later...

um we were wrong, discontinue use immediately.

Followed by:

Contact (insert possibly shady lawyers name here) if you or anyone you know has taken this drug and are now blind because of it.

These are only two examples out of the thousands where doctors claim something is completely safe and/or beneficial, then later reverse their original appraisal to say it is not and then sometimes they even come full circle and claim after further study, it's safe and/or beneficial again.


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Pretty sure there was a crossover comic where Batman beats down on Superman with a ring of Kyrptonite.