Blizzard Really Wants You To Start Playing World of Warcraft Now
Comment by: Phantom_Renegade
Nominated by: Andrew Wyatt

Like any drug, the first hit is often quite cheap.

Well, They Actually Did It
Comment by: subterfunk
Nominated by: Valeria Heart


Activision Hasn't Bailed On Tony Hawk: Shred Yet
Comment by: Bouchart
Nominated by: D-K

It sounds like a "regifting oriented game."

Help! I Swallowed My World of Warcraft Authenticator!
Comment by: SirNinja
Nominated by: Kanji08


His stupidity was successfully authenticated, if nothing else...

Clueless Sports Writer Is Very Serious About This Black Ops Ad Controversy
Comment by: Stalker
Nominated by: theharribokid


grand theft auto 57 :S

Ill await GTA5 while he lives in the future.

At the end of the day its a advert, black ops is rated 18 and sold on the success of MW, if a parent buys it for there child the parent is to blame, if a adult buys it for themselves they have every right to play it.

This add didn't portray anything that isn't seen in film and the inclusion of a "sports icon" doesn't make a difference.

He references a hypothetical GTA ad, that still wouldn't make a difference, children are subject to hundreds of "horrors" weekly be it catching 10 seconds or a war movie, flicking threw TV or playing a video game that a adult bought for them.

I can understand the desire to protect your children from some more of the distasteful aspects of life but in the end life does actually have these distasteful aspects and if your child doesn't realise that then he/she is more likely to grow up naive.

I'm 20 and I know people my age for whatever reason, be is overprotective parents or a private school education that see the world threw rose tinted glasses don't have a grasp on simple things like logic and the real world and it truly baffles me.

I since the age of 10 have been subject to the harder sides of life, living in bad areas,little to no parental guidance and the household being in debt ect, 10 years later im a better person for it with a good grasp on life as it really is, during this period i played 18 rated games and i watched 18 rated movies, im not a murderer or criminal and i dont intend to be.

Yes we are at war now, there's people overseas fighting for their country and their own lives, making a game set in a war environment is not disrespectful to these people, these people in countless interviews have said they play these games and they don't consider them disrespectful.
The complainers are generally families of deceased soldiers looking for something to lash out at due to there loss (and i cant begin to imagine to begin how bad it must feel)

But these games are not mocking the previously mentioned deceased and it isn't the games fault, the games have nothing at all to do with the ongoing war.

If a person has a problem separating fact from fiction the person is to blame not the fiction, you dont blame burnout for a car crash.

Fictional media is exactly that fictional.

Books where condemned once
TV/Film condemned after that
Games are now

How long till the next medium gets its share of hate from people who don't actively participate in the genre but still decide its a bad thing.


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