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We may earn a commission from links on this page.

More Colorful Than Your Game Room
Comment by: Demonbird
Nominated by: kyoshizen

How dare you assume my game room is less colorful.
Let me paint the picture for you,
Every surface is covered in LED lights.
Each one a different hue of a different color.
The walls, floors, I have them sticking out of the gaps in this keyboard.
The chair I sit in right now?
Just a massive pile of LED lights.
Am I in pain? All the time.
My curtains are just 4 foot wide strips of fruit by the foot.
The window that they are attached to? You bet your ass that's stained glass.

It's so colorful, you have to strip naked and cover yourself in an assortment of paints that would make a rainbow vomit with jealousy just to gain admittance.

This room is the reason Wizard of Oz has color.
It is where the Technicolor Dream coat comes to die.

Picture related, it's my gardener.

Kinect Gets Its Panzer Dragoon
Comment by: Luke MacDonald
Nominated by: Gyaruson 2.0

Motion based dragon game? That could NEVER go wrong!

Report: Apple Gaining Fast On Nintendo
Comment by: JGab
Nominated by: StubbornScorpio


JGab's test of a gaming console's legitimacy as a portable gaming console:

Question 1: Does your console play digital games? (A wad of paper and pencil are not digital.)

Question 2: Is it actually portable? (Systems that must be played while on a table in horrible red hues that may or may cause eye strain are not portable.)

Question 3: Is the game console actually created and sold to people? Do people actually purchase it? (Lookin' at you, N-Gage...)

Question 4: Does the console have any titles that do not solely fall into the following categories: made for children to learn and narrowcasted to them, rip-offs of other popular titles, hacks of other titles, games that are mostly produced in the time-span of a week?

Question 5: Is your console a gaming focused machine, or a machine that has gaming tacked on as an after-thought? If the latter, you are not legitimate.

Question 6: Does your console have any games that will have a legacy in 25 years enough for the company to make a video commercial about the character in the game turning 25 years old? Or, alternatively, a game that will be remembered in 10 years?

If you are able to pass this simple test, you are a legitimate portable gaming device. If you are unable to pass this test, you're likely kidding yourself if you think people are really using your device for gaming.


Bumper Stickers For Proud Gamer Parents
Comment by: cbarrentos
Nominated by: OctaneHugo: Airliner Pilot of DOOM

My Child Is A Bad Enough Dude To Rescue The President

Kratos Walks The Streets Of Atlanta
Comment by: wild homes loves you but chooses darkness!
Nominated by: Kobun


Kratos, take with you these Blades Of Athena, these Claws Of Hades, and these Calf Muscles Of Pre-Adolescence


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