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3D Blu-ray Playback For PS3 Delayed
Comment by: Mancomb Seepgood
Nominated by: Callabrantus

just felt a great disturbance in the force, as if 0.5% of PS3 owners cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.


The Week In Review: Kicking A Hurricane's Ass, Chewing An Earthquake's Bubblegum
Comment by: Ninelight
Nominated by: Pete

This morning, I woke up to a phone call from my friend at 6am telling me that NZ had been hit by a 7.1 earthquake.


I currently live in Japan but the rest of my family and friends are all in New Zealand. So naturally, I panicked. (I was also groggy from my late nights)

The logical course of action would be to, of course, call them to see if they're alright. I picked up the phone before realizing one thing -
I don't have a landline phone.

What I use is an internet phone (which is really cheap) and what it does is plug into your ethernet slot in the wall. I keep it unplugged however, due to using that slot for my laptop internet.


What followed was probably the most excruciating and terrifying 10 minutes of my life as I waited for the phone to start up.
(Internet phones go through this horrible dial up phase where it connects and disconnects over and over again)

Two wonderful things then happened.
The phone rang. (Which told me that at least the phone lines were still usable)
My brother picked up. (I think I may have cried a little)

In the end, nobody was hurt or anything but I think I learned today that life really can change in an instant.

In Search Of The First Video Game Gun
Comment by: Batman
Nominated by: kyoshizen

We celebrate guns every week in America, especially on gun week. We go out, kill wild cows, and bring as much as 99 lbs back home. Then we have a primitive event called a barbieq (pronounced bar-beek) where we grunt around the burning cow flesh. Once it is done cooking, we slather it with sour red chocolate sauce and eat it.

That is what gun week means to my fellow Americans and I.

What Are These Wii Remote Accessories For?
Comment by: Xeiphyer
Nominated by: madcatz


I got into the beta, its pretty good but they have this fatigue system that limits how long you can play


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