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Nintendo UK Hints At 3DS Pricing
Comment by: mindsale
Nominated by: kyoshizen

UK pricing follows a very simple formula. Take the price in US dollars, convert 1:1 for pounds, then roll 2 six-sided dice. Take the higher number first and use it as a tens-placeholder. Use the lower number for the ones-digit. Add the amount to the existent price in pounds.
For example, should the price in US dollars be 300, the executive would use that as a base for pounds, then roll the dice. Should he roll a 5 and a 3, he would add 53 pounds to the price, making the price 353 pounds. Voila.
Double this amount for the Australian pricing.


The Great Gatsby Video Game Disappoints
Comment by: Halo_Override
Nominated by: Kobun

Thank you Gatsby! But our princess is fucking a racist on the other side of the bay!

How Is StarCraft II So Far?
Comment by: ttocs
Nominated by: B-Money

I'm beginning to get really jealous. I won't be able to play it for 2 weeks until after I come back from my Honeymoon. Yeah yeah, I know what you're thinking. "Shutup, you're getting a nice trip with your new wife." But why couldn't our Honeymoon been to South Korea where we could spend our days in an internet cafe, laughing, frolicking, and playing Starcraft 2? Hmmm...I wonder if Disney World has an internet cafe equipped with Starcraft 2...

Linkin Park Is Medal Of Honor's Eminem
Comment by: Eskintoro
Nominated by: breadtruck

Can't wait to unlock the Linkin Perk,

apparently it slowly drains your skill overtime until you become a washed out act, but in return it makes you rich.


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The Cap'n

Linkin Park is still one of the worst bands I've ever heard in my entire life.

Their success (along with Korn's and Limp Bizkit's, and all the rest of those 'extreme' rock bands) marks the worst period of popular music I've ever been witness to. At my job tonight, they played Spice Girls' "Wannabe" and Lem's "Steal My Sunshine" and it got me thinking about two things:

1) a lot of the worst kids at my college radio station tried to tell me that either of those songs was worse than Linkin Park. As bad as they are, I couldn't even begin to get behind that statement then, and I still can't. I mean, rap metal has aged so poorly that Rage Against the Machine (undeniably the best of the lot) no longer holds the slightest appeal, no matter what I try to make myself agree to about the quality of their music.

2) I thought that as I got older, I would hate popular music more, but instead, the whole rap-rock phenomenon stands as the worst that popular music has ever been in my eyes. I would rather listen to anything on the charts today than that self-eviscerating thug-emo. Lady Gaga towers over Papa Roach, IMHO.

What LP is still doing around is beyond me... I wasn't aware they had anything left to do for mass culture.