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Kotaku's Top Five List of Top 10 Lists
Comment by: Walking Eye!:The Business-Casual Ga
Nominated by: Mike8813

Number 6: Calling yourself a "hardcore" gamer

Call yourself something better. A wine aficionado understands the complexities of wine and has witty repartee at wine tastings. A hardcore wine drinker drinks Mad Dog and yells at parking signs because they rigged the election for Emperor of Planet Z.


Did You Think Fable II Had A Bunch Of Bugs?
Comment by: Sansatori
Nominated by: RockyRan

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Fable II had a lot of bugs. I was sad.

Maybe Peter should start calling them features for Fable III, then maybe they wouldn't make it into the final product.

Comment by: RAMeyer19
Nominated by: HatchC2

Dear Kotaku,
A week ago I asked on the TAY what new DS game to get, and the overwhelming response was Professor Layton and the Curious Village.

The day it arrived, I got a very sad call that my grandfather had passed away. I packed up in hysterics, to go meet my family, and happened to throw my DS and Layton in the bag.

It's been a rough few days, but the game has provided hours and hours of joy and distraction to me and my cousins, to the point where people are fighting over my DS to play it and we're all solving the puzzles as a team.

Never has a game provided such timely warmth and enjoyment in my life. Not only that, but it's bringing my family closer in a time where we were all questioning our relationships now that the one bond who held us together, our grandfather, had passed.

So thank you Kotakuites, from the bottom of my heart, for bringing some smiles to this dreary week. And may you rest in peace Robert Sohne, you wonderful man.


Will Wright Tells Morgan Freeman About Gods & Sims
Comment by: fuzzlemail
Nominated by: Killer Toilet

t's called a soul. You can't create a self conscious creature, it will always be a bunch of 1001010111001010101's going on in a blank shell that simulates life convincing us of their being alive. We are more than organic materials that just appears to be self aware and conscious. Think about it. Think about yourself and how you are the one looking out of your own eyes inside your own body observing other people and their bodies. That is not possible if we are all just materials, we are essentially assigned bodies of which we control. We are individuals with souls.

Machines or A.I. will always be machines that do whatever we program them to do. They may appear so life like at some point that we'd be convinced of their life but in reality they would just be metal, electricity and software. As humans we try to find familiarity in all things and so we often confuse our pets as being more than just an animal or not wanting to kill a person in a game because of the way it behaves so realistically or responds in a way that triggers your fear of harming a real creature.

We can not, and never will, create a living being like us. We will live in a dangerous world when the majority of us believe we are so simple and so basic. Remove the human element and value of individual life and expect chaos.


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