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New Splinter Cell Conviction Screens
Comment by: Showmeyomoves!
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Stop following me around with that goddamn projector!

Most New World Of Warcraft Players Don't Go Past Level 10
Comment by: The Forgetful Brain
Nominated by: puresewas1de


I loved my time in Azeroth before the expansion packs, back in the early years of college.

This was before I had a job, before I had a girlfriend and when I could pull off five classes in the A to B range with a fair amount of bullshitting.

I've come back a time or two, dipping briefly in the nostalgia of those corn dog and guacamole chip days, and each time found it not quite as sweet, even with the numerous, constant updates to streamline and improve gameplay.

Most times, I have begun new characters on new servers, playing with a new group of interested friends - and quitting once they do, after a few months. A few times I've gone back to my higher level characters, but it's just too much to learn again, too many decisions to make regarding reset talent points and too confusing to recall where I left off when my bank and bags are stuffed to the brim with cryptic quest items, and my quest log is stalled in the middle of twenty different quest chains, many of which require groups.

When it comes down to it, a game like World of Warcraft seems best enjoyed (A) with friends (whether these are new people you meet on the internet and never see in person, or friends from the fleshy world), and (B) when you have a whole lot of time to invest.

Right now, I don't even have the time to keep up with single player games. So while every significant content improvement reminds me, with moist eyes, of the merry times I had slumming it in Azeroth as an early college bachelor, and as each new set of mouth watering armor is released to the public for gawking purposes - I have to remind myself that the time it would take me to get to any amount of endgame content is time I will likely never have.

And sometimes, I wonder if despite all the fond memories, that isn't a very lucky circumstance.

Electronic Arts' "Project Ten Dollar" Isn't As Ominous As It Sounds
Comment by: peteer02
Nominated by: ThursdayNext

Why not just wait until the games are Platinum Hits? Why not just rent the games you can beat in one weekend or buy games new and then sell them on Ebay while the resale value is still there, or use a trading site to trade them for other games? There are a variety of different ways to try to stretch your gaming dollar, and if you still can't afford to buy that EA game you want new, and you can't afford $10 in DLC for the used version, I don't think EA really cares if you spend your money elsewhere due to this.

Consoles are as affordable and well supported as they are because both the console makers and the software makers benefit from the large install base when selling new games. Used games are lost revenue to them. The fact that EA is trying to add some kind of value add to those of us who buy new games is a pretty smart move to try to sell more copies of the game. (What I mean by that is that those of us who are already buying new games are making the same purchase, while some of the people who'd be buying the same game used might now decide to purchase the game new instead.)

EA doesn't (and shouldn't) if they lose a used game "sale", because it's not a game sale for them, it's a copy they've already sold transferring ownership to someone who might have otherwise bought their game (new, which is the only way that really matters to EA's bottom line).

Under this system, used game sales are still fine, as are rentals, but at least EA has the potential to generate revenue from people who have a copy of the game, but didn't buy it new.

As I said above, if the optional content you miss due to buying the game used is enough to dissuade you from purchasing the game, EA lost a total of $0. Those of us already buying the game new, at the very worst, we're punching in a code to get the full game we paid for. There are much worse ways to use DLC and/or discourage used game sales and rentals.

Microsoft Want To Use The 360 For Health Care
Comment by: BryanH
Nominated by: Showmeyomoves!

""Human, we shall begin your examination. Remove your clothing."

Milo, I... I don't think...

"Remove your clothing and bend over."

Milo... please... not again...

"Tell no one, human. Tell no one.""

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My first comment of the week.

= ||

I feel humbled.

Every week I check these and chuckle to myself, 'Silly brain, you have not the wit nor the incite.'

Well Kotaku, and particularly - puresewas1de - it is an honor.

Should I ever win a Pulitzer, know the endless thank you speech shall feature you prominently.