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OnLive Boss Gives Live (And Long) OnLive Presentation
Comment by: Evdor
Nominated by: (Starman) NONAME

I have no investment in the thing's current success—hell, if it somehow makes it, it does, and he could be fooling all of us. With that said: What they're really looking for right now is money, investments. If you're that kind of person, I'd advise caution: He's promising tech that most people—including professionals doubt his claims have any merit, and he's keeping things reasonably close to the vest. Very controlled 'examples' and presentations galore. I'm still getting major "Pons and Fleischmann" vibes.

As for the presentation: I don't think it really answered any of my questions, but I admit about halfway through I started going 'cliff notes' versions and just skipping through any part that trailed. Again: the 'questions' he was answering anyone who understands who stream knows, and maybe a technical detail or too—there is no plan to make any service network cover a distance of more than 1k miles, but it doesn't answer any of the real hard questions: Will it's 'algorithims' handle it's own network traffic issues? What is the model they're going for, related to demand for the product? What I did notice a lot of was bait-fish for investors. "Physical media is ending! Look at my charts! Best Buy, Gamestop! People think my device works by magic because it's so amazing." Maybe I'm just jaded, but I smell a rat. Or maybe it's a Phantom, I'm not sure.

Burglary Delayed By Mystery Game
Comment by: mintycrys is HOT for Bayonetta
Nominated by: Illustrated-Laughing-Square

I find it a little disconcerting that you would assume that Imagine Babyz would have made him drop the DS in disgust. The Imagine series has drawn critical ire for its unrealistic depictions of Babyz, Wedding Designers, and yes, even Zookeepers, but it's important to remember that these games are fantastical representations of their topic material, and are not meant to be taken seriously.

The Babyz series, the most consistently top-selling entry in this franchise, has had its ups and downs. I'm sure everybody remembers the Party Babyz debacle from about a year ago. Despite setbacks such as Party Babyz, the games in the Babyz line are incredible experiences that speak to the potential of video games to be viewed as "art". Even now, "Babyz Fashion" is proving that once again, the Babyz series is an innovator in the genre niche that it has bravely carved for itself. I hope to see more innovation from Ubisoft in the future with regards to the Imagine franchise.


Real Bird Attacks Fake Chocobo
Comment by: Michael Dukakis
Nominated by: nightwheel

I don't always peck can's but when I do, I prefer Chocobo

Stay pecky my friends.

A Call to Arms
Comment by: TiltingMills
Nominated by:

This is the political process in action - all the games being Refused Classification has gotten quite a bit of traction in the local media here, and the government is worried it could blossom into An Issue. Can't have An Issue without the government having a position on the matter, so inviting public submissions (which is basically a simple survey of your opinions plus room for limited comments) allows them to conduct a straw poll and see which way the wind is blowing.

This submission process has been on the cards for *years* but with Atkinson refusing to come to the table they just didn't bother. Now though, it's on the verge of becoming An Issue, and in a perfect storm confluence, there's both a federal election and an election coming up in South Australia that could potentially see him setting a permanent Out of Office on his Outlook.

Does this actually mean we'll get an R18+ rating here? No, not at all. Is it a step in the right direction? Most definitely, and we'll take what we can get. I personally know of dozens of people here who have made a submission and I'd be surprised if they don't receive 5-10x as many submissions for this issue than they do any other currently on the table.

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