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Mod Tools Coming For Modern Warfare 2?
Comment by: RawrSpoon
Nominated by: deanbmmv

Imagine you really love Megadeth. Like, really really love them. As a metalhead, you enjoy their music very much. You, along with your fellow metalheads propelled them to heights by listening to their music and purchasing their albums. It's all good.
One day, however, Megadeth wants to make a lot more money and thus announces that they're going to change their songs to make it far less metal and will begin to make soft rock. As a metalhead, you are hurt by their decision to cater to a larger crowd without any regard to the group that propelled them to great heights.

Now replace Megadeth with Infinity Ward, their songs with Call of Duty, metalheads with PC gamers, and Megadeth's new target audience as console gamers.

That's how we feel.

What Is This, A Movie Site?
Comment by: daytown
Nominated by: electroshockwave

RE: the olde english spelling of blogge:
As we all know, "blog" comes from the old English "blogge," which traces its roots to Swiss-German "blauch," which itself is thought to be rooted in the Middle High German "blech." Blech, of course, is roughly translated as "sheet metal."

So what does sheet metal have to do with blogging? Everything! After all, the original blogs were engraved on sheet metal (and distributed throughout Europe by Cluny Monks) back in the 11th century.

And while it may look strange to you to see blog spelled "blogge," just keep in mind what they were calling FB a millenium ago: GesichtBuche! Oh, those crazy Middle High Germans...


Hair Hath No Fury Like Bayonetta
Comment by: Crash__Man
Nominated by: Jo

Bayonetta Dev Meeting, Day 45:

"well, the game looks really fun but... I'm just not sure it has enough shooting. the modern gamer needs shooting."

"we could stick some guns on her heels."

"how would she pull the triggers?"


"mmk. and the main character is hot, but teens are intrigued by nudity."

"we could have her special moves make her naked."

"... why would her special moves make her naked?"

"cuz she attacks with her hair."


"which is also her clothing."

"...................... magic?"

"yep. magic."

"make it so."

Gears of War Movie Producer Talks About His Vision For Emergence Day On Film
Comment by: Nexus6
Nominated by: Strife Fox †


As long as the lag isn't there I'll check it out.

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i think the megadeath analogy is a bit off actually. its not like iw made this new call of duty a 2d platformer like mario meets contra to try and get more people to buy the game. the content didnt change..

what would be a better analogy is if he said that say youre a hardcore metallica fan thats into the technicalities of recorded music. all the hardcore metal fans think that metal is best recorded when a band records a master recording for each specific instrument. but nowadays, more and more artists are recording "live," by making one master recording with the band playing in unison. although most people could hardly tell a difference, the die hard fans can and are disappointed. this is how metallica is recording their new album, and megadeth says theyre definitely sticking with the true metal fans and recording their next album the way they always have, with master recordings for each instrument. all the ex-metallica fans go off on james hetfield and yell praises to dave mustaine and plan to buy megadeths new album.

although metallicas content is the same, and its not a pop album, its still a metal album.. the way its recorded is an issue to a particular group of fans and they wont put up with them changing recording methods for more money.