Black Wii Remote and Nunchuk Price For U.S.
Comment by: MrBangBam
Nominated by: VinceNotVance

This just in: Scientists across the nation have studied and found out that the black remote is only, in average, only half an inch inch longer than the white remote.

To make the white remote feel better about itself, recent studies have also shown that size does not matter and that it's about "how one uses it".


Not Exactly Three Of A Kind
Comment by: mintycrys is HOT for Bayonetta
Nominated by: kyle4

The Prince of Persia movie will star Jake Gyllenhall who starred in "Donnie Darko", a movie that also featured Seth Rogen, who appeared in "Kung-fu Panda" alongside David Cross, who often appears in mockumentaries written by Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer, and Michael KcKean, the latter two of which were featured in "The Aristocrats", which also featured Drew Carey, the new host of "The Price is Right"

For "Family Feud", Jason Alexander was also featured in "The Aristocrats", and he also played a major role on "Seinfeld" for many years, a show that also featured a character named "J. Peterman", who was played by John O'Hurley, the current host of "The Price Is Right".

Now where's my star?

The Left 4 Dead 2 Boycott Is Dead
Comment by: BoTheDestroyer
Nominated by: (Starman) AnalysisDialysis

What some people think happened:


VALVE: Lets make people pay full price for an expansion and stop supporting the original game. Mwahaha!

BOYCOTT: Not so fast, evildoers!

VALVE: Curses, they've combined their powers... quickly, distract them with promises of change while we lure them to our lair to use the brainwashing device!

BOYCOTT: We like Valve good. Boycott bad.

VALVE: Ha! Success! Now let us feast on deep fried children!


I tend to think its more like this:


VALVE: Hey guys, why don't we make a full sequel to Left 4 Dead? It will be full of cool stuff!

BOYCOTT: Boo, hiss, you guys are evil for trying to make cool stuff and make us pay for it.

VALVE: Aw... these guys don't like our cool stuff. Hey why don't we show them our cool stuff in person! They are sure to like it then!

BOYCOTT: Wow this is some pretty cool stuff.


GameStop Director Unloads Millions In Stock, Raises Eyebrows
Comment by: Sharkey1337
Nominated by: (Zombie) Goldwings - Zombie antidot


He just traded in a few games, was shocked at how little he was given, and decided to even things out for himself.


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