Apple Takes Swipe At Nintendo DS, PSP In Portable Game War
Comment by: Innis
Nominated by: Curse lily

Apple is competing with the NDS and the PSP?

Man i was way off on this.I thought the Apple was competing with Newgrounds.

Obama Namechecks Xbox Once Again In Speech To Kids
Comment by: Nulls
Nominated by: bwwardiii


The government can't run crysis. It may be able to run doom, and maybe in a couple years the sequel gloom.

To find out fill out this application for the government to review the requirements of running doom, make sure to read paragraphs 17.4 section 7a through paragraph 42 section 9d and initial in the appropriate spots.

You may or may not receive a response in 6-8 weeks.

Tokyo Game Show Final Fantasy XIII Demo Impressions
Comment by: Commenter 2415A5Q-66A
Nominated by: Showmeyomoves!

What kind of fantasy is Final Fantasy these days. The way it's going, one of the new summons in FFXV will be Civil War era cavalrymen wearing viking helmets flying in from another galaxy on space griffons. After they land, the cavalrymen dismount and form a circle around the space griffons and morph into globs of pink energy. Each glob of energy will shoot into a space griffon, turning the space griffons into bigger globs of pink energy, which they will then all form together into one giant glob of pink energy which will morph into a giant semi truck where your character will jump in and pull the air horn to do massive sonic damage. This will all look really, really cool.


Adult Films Push For Presence on Gaming Consoles
Comment by: AncientUnknown1
Nominated by: evolutionman

....Give me something to watch while the PS3 updates its firmware.

How And Why Halo 3: ODST Was Made In 14 Months
Comment by: GeneralBattuta
Nominated by: Dominic


We know, from empirical studies performed by research psychologists, that human beings are extremely poor at placing themselves in other's shoes. Scientists call this 'egocentric cognition'. One man can whistle a tune to another, thinking that the identity of the tune is transparently obvious - yet the listener will be dumbstruck.

Similarly, we are poor at evaluating and accounting for the tastes of others. In cases like this one, people seem to ascribe variant game preferences to stupidity or ignorance.

This seems unfounded. Halo players are doing no harm by enjoying Halo, but by describing them as stupid, ignorant, or cattle-like, you do personal harm to them.

The market favors Halo. The collective intelligent of the market outstrips that of any individual (as witnessed by the success of phenomena like 'democracy' and 'capitalism' in maximizing wide-scale utility.) The fact that Halo has achieved market success is, however, a case of a rising tide lifting all boats: by bringing more money to the gaming industry, it triggers more development; by bringing media attention and respect to the industry, it promotes the dignity and respectability of gaming as a pastime; and by pushing logistical innovations like effective online multiplayer, co-op, map editors, and game replay in a AAA title, it raises the bar for other studios to follow suit.

Halo does not do any net harm to the gaming industry. It may, arguably, push game design in directions that some do not favor - certainly most recent titles, like the Call of Duty and Killzone series, are quite Halo-esque, and others like Portal bear some of Halo's gameplay innovations - but the fact that some changes are not unanimously considered positive does not mean that they can be absolutely described as negative. We should all keep in mind that even if our own personal tastes do not jive with Halo, this does not mean that those who enjoy the series are somehow defective.

Kant would probably suggest a Categorical Imperative of Halo: treat the favorite game series of others as you would in turn wish your own favorite series to be treated.


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