Talk Amongst Yourselves
Comment by: Kobun
Nominated by: MaxDragon7

Twas a long time ago, on BBS of old,
where the origins of trolling began to unfold.
As the systems evolved thus did trolls as well,
and threaded topics gave way to a new Internet hell.

The arrival of images brought in the mainstream,
and a user friendly Internet began to pick up steam.
With millions of idiots clucking on the boards,
trolls needed new tactics to be hear among the 'tards.

First posts were born with a thunderous clap,
as millions of keyboards went clickity clack,
all to tell the troll how he was stupid and wrong,
while the troll sat back with glee, laughing all along


Msoft: Gay Tony OK, Gay Gamer Tags Not Yet
Comment by: <<a href="">mxmarks
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I totally agree with him and think they are two totally separate issues.

The content of "The Ballad Of Gay Tony" is something that Microsoft can look at, and Im sure WILL look at, in addition to the ESRB and everyone else involved. They can use that name because they clearly aren't opposed to the word "gay", and in this context it makes total sense. This is the story of a guy named Tony, and he's a gay man. There's nothing offensive about that, and it's something that can be looked at and deemed an appropriate use of the word.

I think what he's saying is, and I never really thought about it, they want to make sure when you use Gay or Lesbian in your gamertag, it's because you're proud of who you are. And there's really no good way to do that, short of asking you to prove you're gay. By allowing the word in general into a Gamertag, they're basically opening themselves up to a flood of homophobic gamertags. With the maturity level I've seen on XBox Live, I don't blame them. It's unfortunate, but I think the vast majority of people who put "gay" in a gamertag aren't doing it because they are proud to be a homosexual. It's VERY unfortunate for those who are — but I think the amounts of complaints they would have to sort through from people OFFENDED by the insulting and homophobic gamertags greatly outnumbers the complaints they get from people angry they can't use it.

I really hope Microsoft comes up with a way to do it, but I really do see how these are two separate things here.

Marvel Super-Hero Squad Preview: Lego Without Lego
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Nominated by: Derek Rumpler

Aww! Yay! My favorite collectible is now a game! I just love the Big Boy grin on the Galactus figure! ^_^


"I'm gonna eat your planet! OMNOMNOM!"

Awwwwww! You eat that planet! ^_^

Japan Gets Blue Wii Remote, Nunchuk (With A Catch)
Comment by: FarmboyinJapan
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Remember when the talking point coming out of Nintendo was 'the Wii remote is so easy to use, that anyone who has ever picked up a TV remote will instantly be comfortable at with the Wii remote' ???

LOOK at this thing!!! When did your remote ever look like that? I'd make the arguement that the controller at the top of this article is MORE intimidating than your traditional (ie, PS3, 360) controller.

What was once a sleek, elegant piece of white plastic has become a condom wearing, nunchuck, wii motion plus attaching, heart beat detecting, $80 piece of ugly blue plastic.


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