First Look At New Zelda Game's Concept Art
Comment by: Bichatse
Nominated by: Go Go Gadget: Thugmunk

Listen, you - you right-handed bigot! Us lefties have been discriminated against since the dawn of time. You remember how it wasn't too long ago people were having their left hands tied behind their back because you dextrists are too afraid of those of us who don't conform to your comfortable little ordered world? It runs deeper than that. Knives and scissors are manufactured to only work when held in the right hand, to train schoolchildren that left-handed people are clumsy. You know that trick in detective movies where the good guy throws a ball and the bad guy catches it with his left hand and gets caught out? Clearly nothing but anti-left-handed propaganda, reinforcing in people's minds from a young age that left-handed people are fraudsters, murderers and thieves. It's even built into the very language we speak - you think "right" has the same meaning as "correct" by accident? Bigotry. "Sinister" is the Latin for 'left', but it's taken to mean something else, these days; bigotry!

And now you're taking away our icons, our heroes, forcing them to conform to the petty whim of your right-handed hegemony. And why? Because you're afraid. Because you don't understand. Because you're jealous of our obvious genetic superiority, because you've bought into the centuries of oppressive propaganda, because you don't think for yourself and believe everyone has to conform! Because you're honestly scared of the thought that the guy who saves the Princess Zelda might not write with the same hand as you!

One day there will be a reckoning. When the sinistrist revolution comes, people like you will be first against the wall!


Gran Turismo Boss: I Want To Release GT5 ASAP
Comment by: MrBangBam
Nominated by: Curse_Lily


After Society Absolutely Perishes

Activision Sues Brütal Legend Devs To Halt Release…
Derek Rumpler


The thing that really pisses me off is that you know
the thinking at Activision went something like this:

Guy #1:"Hey, do we want to keep Brutal Legend? We normally don't
publish games like these, but we've already put 10 million in to it.

Guy #2: "Hmm that's a good point. You know what? Why don't we drop the
title, tell them they can go somewhere else and if they do, we sue
them for our money back!"

Guy #1: "That's so brilliant! We don't have to "risk" publishing it
and when it does, we'll be set."

*Big douchey high-five*

Xbox 360 Will Have Ten Year Life Span
Comment by: MaxDragon7
Nominated by: Goldwings: Knows the reason for...

♪ When life hands you apples here at Kotaku ♪
♫ You squeeze them as you would squeeze the gaming industry ♫
♪ When life hands you hamburgers here at Kotaku ♪
♫ You grill the meat as you would grill the developers ♫

♪ We all have fun ♪
♫ With the Kotaku krew ♫
♪ Under the sun ♪
♫ Got some comments? Just throw them a few ♫

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♫ Create a profile (But don't fake!) ♫
♪ Remember the rules though ♪
♫ 'Proper commenting is the way to go!' ♫

♪ Remember not to stoop too low ♪
♫ And go troll just for show ♫
♪ Kotaku has the HAMMA! power ♪
♫ To grind you into a fine powder ♫


Wii Vitality Sensor Gets Smoothly Fingered
Comment by: Demonbird
Nominated by: Antiterra

So, are they just walking around hospitals looking for ideas for new peripherals?

"What the hell is that!"
"Sir, that's a bed pan."
"Do they come in white?"


Seems a bit pricy for a coat you'll end up dramatically tossing into the air.
Comment by: Skullabrine™
Nominated by: MaxDragon7

Seems a bit pricy for a coat you'll end up dramatically tossing into the air.

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