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Just What You've Always Wanted: a Playboy MMO
Comment by: D-K, Came for the punch, stayed...
Nominated by: Owen

Playboy brainstorm session:

"About 90% of the entire male population likes porn, amirite!!??"
*collective "boo-yah"*
"About 60% of the male populous also enjoys gaming, amirite!!??
*some w00ts and a "hell yeah!"*
"So by combining the two, we're looking at drawing in 150% of the male populace with this single idea!!!"



New Movie Shows A Grisly Future for MMOs
Comment by: Tyber_Zann
Nominated by: V12themonster


The concept for this movie is horrid. For starters, how the hell do you respawn?

Nintendo: We Can't Satisfy You And You Enjoy It
Comment by: Jim81Jim
Nominated by: Sutekh_Slain

Captain Moonshadow101, "Daniels did it hit? Did we hit the target".

Crewman Daniels, "No sir, we missed. The joke it flew directly over his head".

Captain Moonshadow101, "Load again. We have to keep trying Dammit!"

Army Game Protester Did It for the Kids
Comment by: Pombar
Nominated by: svenhoek: Star Trek is the Best...

Violence has always been glorified, be it in myths, stories, books, films or games. It's nothing new.


Making A Game Out Of Today's War
Comment by: Kaburan

I'm an Iraqi war vet who served in the USMC and deployed twice to Anbar Province, Iraq. I'm also an avid gamer and I love FPS (naturally). I find Konami ridiculous in this situation.

The only difference between entertainment value between this and something like COD4 (which I will compare this game to) is that Six days in Fallujah reverts directly to the war in Iraq. You can't tell me that the Aerial invasion assault in COD4 isn't basically a fast paced version of "Operation Shock and Awe" that the Marines and Army were thrust into. COD4 has a ton of elements straight referenced out of experiences in Iraq.

Now that a game shows up with an official title, everyone goes up in arms about it. Personally I loved playing COD4 because I am a former Marine, and I got to say "Hey...I remember this helicopter, or this weapon, or this reminds me of something i've experienced".

Six Days if Fallujah has the potential to honor the service members who fell there and have great entertainment value.

I for one would be a Marine to play a game on an experience I went through. I'm proud of it and would love to see it in a video game.


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This week was pretty bland, IMO.

Then again, with every week...

Comments are either unsurprising, and usually overused one-liners.

If not, they're elaborate, cliche' "inspirational" moral-humanity ":<" messages that parade obvious-to-anyone-smarter-than-bacon themes and everyone applauds them as some sort of intellectually superior being for stating the bluntly obvious. Then everyone proceeds to the redundantly meaningless reply of false pride, stating "Oh wow, thank goodness there are some smart people still left in this world." As if a paragraph somehow instilled this unforeseen epiphany of wisdom into the reader's lives.

And then of course, someone will reply to this and say "Maybe you'd be featured if your comment wasn't such crap" or something of the sort.

The whole routine to how comments are written and glorified on this site is now very overdone, boring and easily expected.

You either get the "witty" one-liners or the babbling moral revelation of truth one seems to get in an article, with other commenters reacting as if that was one of the most astounding things they've ever read, and then everyone proceeding to take pride in their intelligence.

Yawn. lol.