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The Periodic Table of Video Game Characters
Comment by: Ghede
Nominated by: Abad

Sonic should be under the radioactives. It has a half-life of seven years."

A Week In Comments
Comment by: 超外人
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I was put off by that comment as well, since the statement is basically hypocritical in my eyes from stating that all gamers do is complain.
The real complaint are the ones crying out racism from something that isn't taken into proper context from the fact that they've only viewed trailers, a pure overreaction from the spectators and ones unaware of what they are dealing with. Then we have the bandwagon ones that are afraid to sound racist from not joining in the witch hunt.
The fact that it can exist to display its story, is a form of being taken as an art form, unfortunately, the ones decrying racism just simply throw the race card at it and treat it as horrible imagery. It is a story of a plague in Africa, that's all that should really be mentioned, but apparently some people want to focus on the issue of "skin" color or "locale" as being a touchy thing. The ones who treat these people different, is the real definition of racism. Treating them in a special manner of "you can't do that" is the actual racism itself.
When will they see past skin color and accept that a game's storyline can take place in that area?

No one was denying that racism doesn't exist, but to call a game racist is just silly. Everyone has to deal with it, but some overreact and treat everything as racism or stereotypical and explode from confrontation.

Someday, it will change, but many just pounce on anything that seems racist in their eyes; and until those people can let that go, we'll still have misunderstandings and overreactions that pulls us away from fixing the REAL racism.


It's Tyson Vs. Ali On The Fight Night 4 Cover
Comment by: TigerKnee
Nominated by: Antiterra

I'm glad Tyson's in round 4. he makes a great video game character. he's like daffy duck, except he's a violent criminal.

Rabbi Overcomes Fear Of Nazis, Courtesy Of Call Of Duty
Comment by: GPman
Nominated by: Sutekh

But you know, if we take a story like this and show how games can have a good effect on people, then we have to accept that games can have a bad effect on people. We can't just dismiss the effect of games on people only when the effect is a bad one. It works both ways.

Capcom Confirms, Prices Versus Mode for Resident Evil 5
Comment by: Jezuz
Nominated by: kicking222

Man, because the thing that I always wanted to play multiplayer of is a sluggish third person shooter with awful aiming mechanics. WILL FOR SURE BE PICKING THIS UP BRO.


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