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Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 Has Mandatory Install
Comment by: phinehas

Well, it was either the mandatory install or they cut off a finger.

Midway Finds New Chairman In Booty
Comment by: Modus_Operandi
Nominated by: Spoony Bard


So now Booty is synomous with Midway. People are going to have their hands full with Booty. But dont get me wrong. Alot of people love Booty. Oh sure occassionally people will complain and say Booty is getting too much exposure or their tired of Midway's Booty, but in the end most people have to agree that they work hard for Booty. And thats the most important part of Booty. The end results.

Blizzard: We Probably Over-Nerfed Hunters
Comment by: UltimatePancakeSensation
Nominated by: huginn

Dear Blizzard,

Nerf paper.
Scissors is fine.


Today's Rumor Post Decries Yesterday's Rumor Post About PSP 2
Comment by: Omnimon
Nominated by: Bialia

Yes, price is a difference between old and new technology. Tomorrow we'll discuss commodities versus luxury products!


Chicago Trib Asks "Is GTA This Century's Best Writing?"
Comment by: TrueCrime
Nominated by: Mister Jack

Mediocre's such a puzzling word to use when bashing this game. Every week, we're flooded with mediocre titles, I mean truly bland, milquetoast stuff. Tomb Raider: Underboobs? Sonic and the Secret Squirrels? Spider-Man: Web of Marketing Cash?

I've come to GTA IV's defense before because, like other people here, this is the first GTA game I've played more than a few hours of. I wouldn't go as far as the Trib's bombastic praise of the game's writing, but the fact that this article was written in the first place — several months after its release — blows away any contention that the game is "mediocre."

I have to ask again, can anyone here name a single game that was more significant than GTA IV that came out in 2008? And I don't mean significant in our own incestuous gamer's world.

Braid is the only one that might come close, but despite all the philosophical underpinnings, at its heart, Braid was a platformer with a nifty time-control gimmick and a load of dense text. It got a little attention from NPR, but a game with such a simple scope isn't going to capture the attention that GTA rightfully received.

MGS4? Good luck playing or understanding that if you haven't been a gamer for the past 20 years.

Fallout 3? Fable 2? Fantastic games, sure. Maybe even better than GTA IV. But they didn't capture the attention of the non-gaming world the way GTA did, and they didn't come close to providing the funhouse-mirror narrative present in GTA.

For the past few years, we've been shouting and grinding our teeth whenever people tell us that games aren't art. But when a game actually captures enough attention to get the mainstream talking about the artistic merits of games, we respond by calling that game "mediocre."


Chicago Trib Asks "Is GTA This Century's Best Writing?"
Comment by: ReconToaster.
Nominated by: Toasticus

The "Fun factor" is where I disagree.

I buy my single player games to be "Entertained," and do not limit myself to only "Fun" experiences.

To me, being entertained is far better than pure, plain fun. Gta was not the game you wanted it to be. There were no jet packs, there were no parachutes, there were no fantasy-like missions, there were no super sonic jets, there were no tanks coming at you for bumping into a police car, and there were no chainsaws. I get it, you like games without depth.

I, on the other hand, like to be enthralled and drawn in by a game. Yes, realism and pretty graphics help, but story is the main factor for me. If the story of a game is good, I come to care about the protagonist, and people around him. I begin to care about what is happening in the game.

GTA IV had a great story. The aspect of the false American dream, and the way Niko spoke of the world of underground America being no less savage and chaotic than the third world country from which he came was brilliantly done. The game had great characters as well. Playboy X is one I will never forget, and as well, never regret killing.

Sure, the story fell apart towards the end, but is that good reasoning for disregarding all that came before it?

I'm tired of people like you clutching your copies of San Andreas and refusing to accept the progression of a title.

No, GTA IV was not the sand box game that many hoped it would be, but it replaced juvenile "Fun" with pure entertainment.

GTA IV is not "This Century's Best Writing," and arguably, not even the game of the year, but it is a great game, and it deserves credit for what it is.


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Loved the comment by Recon.

I feel the same way too... to me, games are about the complete experience. Gameplay, graphics, and fun included. I don't get the difference between entertainment and fun, as under my dictionary, being entertained is fun :)

Rock Paper Scissors one was also very genius.