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Tired of Mortal Kombat Killer? How About Xbox Taco Assailant?
Comment by: Black-Dog-Howls
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Well mom, he might not be enjoying your tacos, but you've guaranteed he'll be tossing some salads soon.


A List of the Best Erotic Games of 2008
Comment by: Ted
Nominated by: Sutekh_Slain

@somarix: They're not children. They just have the body, voice, bust and hips of a child. They're actually 28.

Aaron Greenberg Disagrees With Kaz Hirai, Bites Him In Face
Comment by: Uchenna Okafor
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I find it hilarious that Microsoft talk about innovation, something they wouldnt know even if it punched them in the face. Lets not get it wrong I love what the 360 does and Live has come a long way in diversifying methods of gaming interaction. But in terms of gaming innovation other than Halo, Gears and Ninja Gaiden 2 I see nothing the 360 has to offer that I cannot get on both the PC/PS3 and in terms of new IP's Microsoft has offered nothing whereas Sony has given us Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Killzone 2, InFamous etc.

I agree that a PS3 catch up with the 360 is unlikely (even though it has had greater momentum than that of the 360 in its first two comparable years) but in terms of out-innovation on the gaming front I believe Sony and its 18 or so first party IP's will run rings around MS in the long run. Once we got a 360 over christmas we realised that alot of this fabled "360 vastly superior library" is fanboy bullcrap, much of these titles being made of third party games that were released solely on the 360 as the PS3 wasnt even out yet.

MS should realise that in terms of innovation via a games lineup doent mean purchasing of DLC from third party publishers, as in 2009 that all I see other two Halo based expansion that, even though I loveme some Halo, dont seem to offer anything new. I want them to take Sony and Nintendo's cue and release some new IP's from some of the first party devs.

Obama Family Brings Gaming One Generation Closer to the Presidency
Comment by: Sam Scott Given
Nominated by: RealitySucks

expect me outside the whitehouse drawing penises on my DS.


The Family Tree of Game Developers
Comment by: ShadowOdin
Nominated by: EloraHRanma

May I also suggest arrowheads to indicate direction. Because right now it's telling me that the gaming-industry has a similar family tree to soap operas.

Vivendi: I knew it! You've been sleeping with Blizzard all this time, haven't you?
Activision: I am sorry. It was an accident. I won't do it again.
Vivendi: Lies! I won't marry you until we make up in 30 episodes.
Activision: Por que!


Game Consoles Top Thieves' Wish List
Comment by: KamikazeSailor
Nominated by: Wuffles

And here I thought decorating my garden with Playstation 3s instead of Garden Gnomes was a smart idea... live and learn.


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that second quote wasn`t very star worthy, was more or less trolling.

uncharted = tomb raider + indiana jones

heavenly sword = god of war with boobs (yours this time)

killzone 2 = a sequel to a lousy shooter with an admittedly unique-ish world.

infamous = the hype began to grow right around when the movie hancock came out so it didn't sound too original when i started hearing about it but either way. that's 1.

and since when do 3rd party titles not constitute a strong lineup? tell me, are the best selling titles for ANY sony console first party? according to wikipedia, just the ps1 with gran turismo (PS3 motorstorm doesn't count since they were GIVING it away for a while. the PS3 data is a little dated anyways but likely accurate since LBP and Resistance 2 sold terribly since releasing).

and exclusive dlc does matter, especially in a recession. i look forward to picking up and playing the fallout expansions, and i'm currently enjoying the fable 2 one and waiting on news for more potential mass effect dlc. (not a gta fan but there's another great example).

so sometimes kotaku bans/disemvowels trolls, and sometimes it rewards them? blah.