Nintendo Sends Game to Journos With Racial Epithet Surprise
Comment by: Jonman

As someone who has, over 3 decades, renamed in-game characters with comical and obscene names wherever possible, I fully support this.

I must confess though, doing so did sap some of the emotional value from Final Fantasy 7 when Sephiroth killed AnalBeard.


The Death of (Video Game) Criticism
Comment by: jayntampa

If you want to know where paper's failed, it's by not driving the technology behind the delivery method. Newspapers should have been at the forefront of digital paper technology and online content distribution. I was saying this back in 1994 when I graduated from college with a degree in journalism from one of the best journalism colleges in the nation. The professor's couldn't see it then ...

What SHOULD have happened was that newspapers should have been cultivating a market to read online and in e-readers — in fact, they should have come together and developed an e-reader standard. They should have begun the transition before their decline was so pronounced that they may not recover.

They weren't nimble enough and they never evolved, now we as a nation are on the cusp of losing something unbelievably essential to the core foundation of this country. Instead of Ida Tarbell and Upton Sinclair we have anonymous writers on the Smoking Gun.


Microsoft: Xbox 360 Outsold PS3 3-to-1 On Black Friday
Comment by: AlanR

Great, more people on XBL to mute...

What Do Some Japanese Commenters Think Of Faith From Mirror's Edge?
Comment by: Strider_Kaijin

A study was conducted by a British evolutionary biology student, of Chinese descent, in which he concluded that the stereotype that all Asians look alike is somewhat true; because well, they somewhat do.

Several common traits were examined and double-blind trials revealed that to an outsider of a particular group, said common traits become indistinguishable, despite the fact that among group insiders the subtle differences are immediately recognizable.

I would imagine that, after spending a significant amount of time around a people whose evolutionary appearance is unfamiliar, an individual would become more adept at reducing the frequency of perceived physical traits that seem homogeneous.


Nintendo Responds To Animal Crossing Racial Epithet Issue, Blames Internet
Comment by: subnet6

I thought friend codes were supposed to protect us.

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