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Hudson Tells Wii Owners To Get A Job Comment by: Demonbird Nominated by: JackiJinx

Coming soon: Wii Community Service Save the world by completing dozens of EXCITING community service ACTIVITIES! Pick up trash, by the FREEWAY! Volunteer at a nursing home for WORLD WAR II veterans! Help drug addicts resist SHOOTING up! And much more!


Epic Sinks Gears 2 Pirate/Modder in Court Comment by: AlanR Nominated by: EnigmaNemesis

It's not that people shouldn't be allowed to sell games, but when companies like Gamestop create an entire market around it, and produce record profits, something should be done. Gamestop creates policies which drive customers to purchase used games, over new ones, which is almost 100% profit for Gamestop, with no revenue going to the game manufacturers. In essence, they've come up with a way to make lots of legal money without paying a dime to the people who actually produced the work. It's pretty clever, but also very very slimey.

LBP Levels Getting 'Moderated' Out of Existence Comment by: Sachin Agarwal Nominated by:

What's moronic about this is that it's completely unnecessary. There's a safe harbor if they don't proactively moderate the stuff. Just as YouTube is not responsible for what people post, or a forum owner isn't responsible for its users' threads, or Kotaku isn't responsible for our comments, MM/Sony could absolutely let all levels just stand and then only take them down upon a DMCA request or community moderation. Proactive censorship *increases* their liability when something slips through. If they disclaim the responsibility of curation, they can avail themselves of the safe harbor. The lawyers here messed up. (IANAL but I know my IP and First Amendment law better than most lawyers and VCs I've talked to because I've been doing this for over ten years now.)

Nintendo Quietly Release Wii "Multiplayer Control Set" Comment by: Maxyboy13 Nominated by: BPMΣ

Guys, it's clear that Nintendo just wants us to give them our Two Cents.

Bethesda Censors Fallout 3 For Japan Comment by: Talleh

I understand the reasoning behind their censorship, but what concerns me, is they said that with the Australian edits, those were applied to the regular game. I haven't even noticed these, but from what I remember is they changed what one of the game's "chems" looks like, less real-life drug, and more post-apacolyptic drug, which is a good thing. But taking out the atom-bomb? The ability to destroy the city? Those are both rather large chunks of the game...it isn't as if it's purposefully offensive to Japan, there isn't Japan's flag being signed to dust as the bomb goes off or anything, it's just...a bomb. Then again, games in U.S. aren't allowed to have planes anywhere near a building at all, so I guess every country has things that they're sensitive about, but how long is long enough? Is every game with a nuclear blast going to have to be censored for Japan? Is any game with a plane, and the ability to even accidentally crash into any form of structure going to be banned in U.S.? Times changes, and people forget, and I see in 20 years we'll have our neural implant based games, where you crash as many planes into any number of buildings. For points even!


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You guys! Did any of you watch the Golden Joystick Awards? I just did and I was sick in my mouth. Some woman who I ain't even know who she is called it "Call of Duty: Modern Welfare" when she gave Actiblizz the award. Frankie Boyle made a gamers-don't-have-girlfriends joke. In 2008.

Seriously though, why was it populated by celebrities who just have no idea? It's just embarrassing and it's not even good publicity.