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Rock Band AC/DC Confirmed, But For Wal-Mart Only Comment by: Quipp Nominated by: kylo4

Remastered Sellout Tracking Listing: Let There Be Rock Band Exclusive Content At Walmart Disc Instead Of DLC Done Walmart Cheap Biway to Walmart Shook Me All Night Long Sale It's a Long Way to the Superstore (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) (It's Not) D.L.C. If You Want AC/DC (You've Gotta Go To Walmart) Girl Greeter's Got Rhythm Whole Lotta Rock Band Big Wals Walmart Ain't A Bad Place To Be Who Made Walmart Ain't No Fun (Waiting Round for Tracks That Should Be DLC making Billionaires Trillionaires) For Those About To Get Our Rock Band DLC (We Say Screw You)


Mortal Kombat Box Art Revealed, Plus Shazam! Comment by: TRT-X Nominated by: Mister_Jack

Each copy of the game comes with its own pole so you can vault over any plotholes or gaps in logic you come across. Trust me, you're going to need it.

Live Action Dragon Ball Trailer Successfully Fails Comment by: BlueWizard422 Nominated by: Strife56

It's over... No, I can't... I just can't. This movie is clearly not Over Nine Thousand.

Guitar Rock Tour and Real Soccer 09 Coming to DS, TV Show King Party to Wii Comment by: ludwigk Nominated by: foxhound417

@uppitycracker: Real singers weren't threatened or flabbergasted by karaoke. Real Dancer's didn't have a problem with DDR. Pimps and gangster's didn't complain endlessly about the GTA series, and serial killer's weren't off-put by Manslaughter. Pilots weren't bothered by Flight Simulator (in fact, many of them play Flight Simulator). Martial artists aren't critical of Street Fighter. Race Car enthusiasts don't have trouble 'getting' Need for Speed. America's Armed Forces are not upset over "America's Army", and small game hunters have yet to point out the glaring inaccuracies of "Whack-a-Mole". In other words: 1) Get your head out of your butt. 2) Figure out what video games are. 3) Try playing one. If you find that you like them, come back and post again. Otherwise, do not frequent gaming blog/forums. Thanks, good bye now, and have a nice day!


Watching The Professor Layton 3 Trailer Is Great Comment by: alaren Nominated by: Đipic

The next Layton game is ready for release in the U.S. But the shipping crates are stuck in a very full warehouse. Get the shipping crates out by sliding the other boxes around! It can be done in as little as 14 moves.


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I think ludwigk's is the best comment of all time.