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You Picture Here — in Street Fighter IV
Comment by: Americo
Nominated by: RavingRabbid

If Capcom is going to own my likeness, it damn well also be a zombie in Dead Rising 2.

Jackie Boy Gets A Visit From A Couple Of US Marshals
Comment by: plantationace
Nominated by: thejakeman

(US Marshalls approach Jack Thompsons house)

Marshall 1: So hows the wife?

Marshall 2: Things are getting pretty good. Babies startin' to look like me more everyday. Hows it going with your girl?

Marshall 1: Oh. Well. Let's just say, I'm getting more action from my vaccum than from her!

(Marshalls knock on door. There's a loud commotion with lots of witless, dry cursing and commentary violence in videogames.)

(Jack Thompson answers door in the nude)

Marshall 1: ....Excuse me...Mr...Thompson?


Marshall 2: Excuse me? We're here to speak with you about your let...

(Thompson begins to scream)


Marshall 1 & 2: We're here to remind you, sincerly, that you are an IDIOT!

Legal Mess Over Euro Alone In The Dark Reviews
Comment by: Touy
Nominated by: dan


I love how we have that great post on the 7 Deadly Sins for game reviews and everyone says "Yeah! Fuck scores!", then we come over here and everyone's got their panties in a twist over a 3/10. You guys that wanted a thumbs up thumbs down system? There's your thumb. And it's pointed in a decidedly southern direction."

Pac-Man T Shirt Spreads The Word
Comment by: Kyattsuai
Nominated by: Dariendude17

Said Pac-Man to his disciples upon completion of the second level, "fear not thine ghosts, and may they chase thee to the left of the screen, trust that thou growest twofold in size and chase thine ghosts to the right of the screen, and so shalt they be blue with humbleness."

Can I get a wakka wakka.

NPD's PC Sales Charts: May
Comment by: freakout
Nominated by: Nirolak

Sorry, I must have missed the study that showed every pirated copy = lost sale...?

Not to disagree that piracy has been a constant thorn in the side of the PC industry; just that there's many, many factors involved in its decline. Such as:

*Console graphics nowadays are generally good enough for even the most hardcore graphics whores. Used to be you could only get quality 3D experiences on the PC. Not true anymore.

*Consoles now offer online services.

*A lot of companies don't make PC versions of their biggest games, or else leave them on the self and only release months after the console version.

*PC games are more complicated to install and set up.

*Rightly or wrongly, the perception exists that PC gaming is significantly more expensive than console gaming. This also pushes more people to piracy.

*DRM just gets worse. And worse. And worse.

That's just off the top of my head; I'm sure the rest of the readership could come up with more examples. The point is that there's no silver bullet to fix the pathetic state of PC gaming, but they could start with:

*Less DRM
*Value-adding content for legitimate users (books, posters, cool manuals etc in the box)
*Lower prices
*Find some way to kill the console industry stone dead.

Then they should turn the angry yellow eye on piracy...

Leaked "Crucible" Is Oblivion Designer's New Console RPG
Comment by: InsidiousTuna
Nominated by: MaxS


Cool! Looks badass. Blue shit everywhere, large sword. I'm intrigued.

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What I love about Multi-tap is that a comment as ridiculous as Tuna's can get in. Hell, I'll admit I rather enjoyed it. I agree that this one should've been in too. Why didn't that make it in?