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The Original Adventures Review: Whip It, Whip It Good
Comment by: Erwin
Nominated by: shaunomacx

It's fun to play in co-op, but the partner AI is horrible sometimes. I can't tell you how many times Marcus got lost in his own museum.


Why First and Third Person Shooters Are Not Popular In Japan
Comment by: stoneagedan
Nominated by: Antiterra

Okay, so I asked for the medial research, and here it is, from Stern RM, Hu S, Uijtdehaage SH, Muth ER, Xu LH, Koch KL (1996), Human Heredity, v46(1) p7-14 "Asian hypersusceptibility to motion sickness".
They found that American children born to Asian parents were more susceptible to motion sickness than European-American and African-American ethnicities, so yes, Japanese people probably are more prone to motion sickness.

Schabrak was right, so I apologise if I was a bit abrupt.

Jack Thompson Walks Out On Hearing, Bar Recommends Enhanced Disbarment
Comment by: Fnor
Nominated by: Dragon Warrior

Yes, is being disbarred for claiming GTA causes violent behavior.

Oh, wait. He's not.

"Gamers" hate Thompson for attacking video games. Okay. That's cool. This is about his unethical behavior. There may have been a video-game related suit involved, but his malfeasance has nothing to do with videogames, or specifically, his views on video games. He could have made the same points in an ethical fashion and this "victory" would have never happened.

My comment about the 2-miunte hate illustrates the point rather nicely. It was created to show how easily people opt for the visceral victory (yelling at a face to vent their dissatisfaction) over the substantive victory (their problems being solved). Thompson's professional misadventures are the visceral "victory." The substantive victory would be everyone agreeing that games do not cause violent behavior. The two are entirely unrelated, and the former is being published here (and elsewhere) as a way to eliciting that visceral reaction with no substantive benefit. The two-minute hate.

Itagaki Leaving Tecmo, Suing Tecmo
Comment by: 108
Nominated by: Bilkwando

This is just "The Itagaki Way" of doing to Tecmo what Shinji Mikami did to Capcom — what Hironobu Sakaguchi did to Square-Enix, what Yoshiki Okamoto did to Konami (when he founded Capcom) and then Capcom (when he founded Game Republic); what Kozy Okada (Shin Megami Tensei, Persona) did to Atlus, et cetera, et cetera.

Creators within companies have always had certain degrees of autonomy; these companies have always been fragmented, to paraphrase a friend of mine I'm chatting with right now. It's just that recently, these things are becoming apparent.

This legal matter was Itagaki's "get out of jail free card"; he stored it up, and used it on the eve of the completion of his last project.

Now he's getting out, the same way guys like Shinji Mikami did. And you know what? It's not a bad idea. At all. As a person with "experience" in the "Japanese games industry", I can say with utter confidence that the big companies like Namco are generally owned and operated by hell-fearing liver-spotted coal-tar-shitting wooden-teethed soulless octogenarians who can and will drive franchises into the ground, shelve good ideas for years because they're not ready to entertain their audience that much yet, because doing so would only raise their expectations, which would increase workload, et cetera.

I am not at this time, willing to declare that Itagaki is a visionary or a genius, though I recognize that he's an intelligent individual and he's probably making the right decision — both in leaving Tecmo, and in making a big deal out of it.

Now that the serious part of my comment is over, I will say this:

Bashcraft, give Itagaki my phone number. Tell him I have an opening in my band, and that all he needs to do is stand on stage in his leather jacket with his hands on his hips, staring at me with a disgusted look on his face as I shred the guitar.

I will pay him in Ozeki "One Cup" sake and maid cafe gift certificates.

World Of Warcraft Gamer Arrested For Kinapping Underage Player
Comment by: Forkball
Nominated by: MaxS


What the story doesn't tell you is that he was Horde and she was Alliance. Another case of racism in the police force.


About Kotaku Reviews
Comment by: Eltigro
Nominated by: Troubadour

And, how exactly will Metacritic include your scores?

IGN: 9.5

Gamespot: 8.5

Gamerankings: 87.3%

Gamesradar: 7


1UP: B+

G4: 4 out of 5 stars

Kotaku: It was a pretty good game. The second stage seemed to be a large jump in the difficulty level and I said, "Whoa, what the..." but from there things ramped up smoothly. Although some have complained about graphics when looking still shots, when actually playing the game, these things aren't really noticed. And also...


PSP/PS2 Getting Nazi Aviator Bikini Girl Game
Comment by: Zim
Nominated by: ggodo

I wouldn't mind her blitzkreiging my third reich.

... I don't even know what im saying anymore X.x

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