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The Worst of Ubidays 08
Comment by: CelticsFansSuicideWatch
Nominated by: Nirolak

Hey now you heard them.

These games cost a lot of money to get people to buy. Hundreds of people went to college for 4, or even more, years to obtain the skills necessary to convince a 10 year old girl that she wants a technologically advanced diary and a simulation of a baby care. if you were legally allowed to only use a baby for competition.

This is someone's life, and they most likely have a drinking problem because of it.


Kiljaeden Dead, Burning Cursade Ends, Everyone Moves On
Comment by: cordsie
Nominated by: KaneRobot

It's all over. Blizzard are taking down the servers as we speak. Congratulations to everyone.


Reviewers Can't Talk About MGS4 Cutscenes, Install?
Comment by: wild homes
Nominated by: jesp3r


The second rule of Metal Gear Solid 4 is, YOU DO NOT DISCUSS THE 90-MINUTE CUTSCENES.

Solid Snake, if this is your first installment of Super Smash Brothers, you have to fight.

The Worst of Ubidays 08
Comment by: hk458 and Nirolak
Nominated by: mind in rewind

Adding a Z doenst make things cute...when will pple learn =/

@hk458: Likely neverz.

@Nirolak: Onoz!!!

Rumor: Square Enix President Laying Down The Law
Comment by: VileMethoD
Nominated by: Sixtail


As I've said in previous posts. The remakes and production costs are definitely not enough to sustain Square. I would assume their shareholders are not pleased at all. (As I also said)

I still stand by my word that sometime in the near future there is going to be a major internal management change due to shareholder pressure. It's a natural course of action when a business isn't doing as well as it should be.

Wada also has to understand that the games are not alienating themselves from the mainstream, the company is. It once again comes back to the fact they they are taking entirely way too long on all franchises. The games they make work. However the length they take to make such games is what's entirely wrong. The production costs begin to sore so high from this long development that it cuts the profits made when the game is released. Now, I'm not saying that they should rush their games, but it comes to a point where you need to allocate the resources you have to get these titles finished and on shelves. That's all there is to it. DQ9 should not as a DS game take anywhere near this long to complete. FF13 and FFv13 are two more titles that since announcement have been seemingly moving at a snails pace. These games are not special. Look at the industry as a whole and look at the extremely good games that have come out during this console generation. Some were not even in development half as long as some of Squares games.

There is nothing wrong with Squares games, or the fans desire to play their games. The problem solely falls on Square having problems with themselves.


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