Bungie Says Goodbye To Halo 3
Comment by: ShaggE
Nominated by: RealitySucks

If you listen closely at the night wind, you can hear a faint, delicate sound.
That sound is millions of angry 14 year olds screaming "OMG GAI" in unison. The resulting deluge of soundwaves are currently causing an avalanche on a mountain somewhere, and the rushing snow has already killed six penguins.
Way to go, Bungie. You just killed half a dozen innocent penguins. -.-

LittleBigPlanet Celebrates Valentines Day In "Style"
Comment by: JDotCDot

He's naked.

Real smooth there, Sackboy. Real smooth.

Sony Responds To Microsoft's Netflix Numbers, Regrettably
Comment by: Sparkimus Prime
Nominated by: ChalkdustTorture (and a buncha other people)


I see this same crap on every single message board and I am sick to death of it. The man purchases his console, is happy with it, and you feel the need to shut him down and insult his purchase. Your reason? Apparently cause you feel like making an ass out of you and every other fanboy posting here.

This kind of mentality is benefiting no one. Bash sony all you want, but there's no denying that they are a SUCCESSFUL videogame company. Now get over it. They have history and numbers to match. They decide to include a blu-ray player in their new console (something no other console has) and apparently that makes them bad. Did anyone complain about the PS2 having the bonus function of being able to play DVDs? So you're going to sit here and bash something that the company went out of its way to included in order to benefit YOU, the consumer.

Now lets talk about that, the consumer. Sony is doing nothing but trying to please you. They include free online service, and every proceeds to bitch about it. Any sane person would never complain about something that only benefits them. Excuse them for not wanting to take every penny out of your pocket for features that should be included in the console. Hell, last time i checked the PS3 is such a powerhouse they are losing money on every single console they sell. Do they raise prices to cut the loss? No. Do they nickel and dime you for online support? No. So what's there to complain about?

Each game console has its positives and negatives. Each to appeal to a different markets and consumers with their unique features. They also have console exclusives that only add to each consoles separate appeal. So, say I'm going to buy a PS3 because I like Metal Gear Solid. Will this impact your life in any single way? Will it hurt your feelings if I buy a different console than that which appeals to you? Will it kill you to know that I don't like Xbox 360 as much as you and would much rather play some games and watch some blu-ray movies on my PS3? Well, if it does then just please for everyone's sake just leave kotaku.

We need a stronger community anyway. What the hell is with all of the hating here? A fight picked out of nothing more than how we like to spend our free time. Divided and insulting others because of different preferences when it comes to games? Just look at yourselves. Seriously children, grow the fuck up.


Print Up A Fable II Albion Wall Map
Comment by: Hamsfork
Nominated by: Slothboy

You know where a Fable 2 map would be useful? In the actual game.

Top Oblivion DLC Revealed, Horse Armor Surprisingly Popular
Comment by: TRT-X
Nominated by: Zero_Beat


"Who's a pretty pony...oh yes you are....oh yes you are the prettiest pony!"


What were we talking about again?

Big Changes In Store For World Of Warcraft Classes
Comment by: Herminator
Nominated by: MaxS


Actually, I find that the majority of WoW players have NO class. badum-pish.

No GTA IV Figures? Make Your Own!
Comment by: Soniking
Nominated by: Frank

Liquid: I live on through this arm!

Roman: Leequeed! get outta ma cousin!

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