To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: More than 1 Billion Served

A billion — the mind boggles. I wonder how many words I've written since I've been writing at Kotaku. I wonder how many of them have been spelled correctly. :/

.................So last week I was in Tokyo. This week I am not, I am home. Right now, home.

Things I noticed when I got back, Micro-Bash is able to do new things. Before I left, he could kind of clap his hands. And....... That's about it! When I get back, he's really good at clapping his hands, and he can also wave "bye-bye" and raise his hands up in the air when someone says "banzai!"


The couple of days have been mostly clapping, waving bye and saying "banzai" over and over again.

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