A Walk Through Gamescom

There's something very unique about Gamescom among all of the video game trade shows around the world. It has a lot more heart, a lot more audience participation than anything I've ever seen before.

I shot this video to show what I mean. In it I walked from the very back of Hall 9, the least active, least packed hall among the four public halls used for convention. Where the other halls have booths from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, EA and Activision, this hall's main exhibitor was NCSoft. A good portion of the show was dedicated to pro PC gaming.


Keep all of that in mind when you watch the video: This is the small, lightly populated hall at Gamescom. It's also the quietest.



I love how McWhertor looks at you and shakes his head at the end. lol

Crazy Germans and their strange stage games.