A Visual Guide To The Role-Playing Game

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In case you needed a quick primer on the who's who and what's what of the role-playing genre, or just want something pretty to hang on the fridge, here's The Kotaku Genre Guide to Role-Playing Games.

Consider this a round-up of some of the key info you need to know to stay abreast of the role-playing game genre. You've got the top-ranked games, a field guide to RPG sub-genres, and a look at some of the key figures who've made the RPG business what it is today, for better or for worse.

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Mass Effect 2 has a 95% Metacritic rating?

Really? I mean, the game isn't bad by any means, but 95? It's basically just a generic sci-fi corridor shooter with a lot of boring dialogue and one cool character (Mordin).

Even the first game was a better RPG.