Castlevania: Lords of Shadow's E3 trailer introduces us to the cast and characters of Konami's newest adventure.

This extended trailer goes deeper into the gameplay mechanics of Lords of Shadow.

Almost every big boss encounter will be preceded by a lengthy talking to, with some Lord of Shadow telling Gabriel what a fool he is for attempting to defeat him. Gabriel rarely has a good verbal comeback.


Coffin Creeps, one of the many creatively designed bad things you'll go up against.

Pan, one of Gabriel's allies, offers advice (and more!) throughout the adventure.


One of the Titans you'll fight is made of rock. It's a perfect illustration of just how liberally Lords of Shadow borrows from Shadow of the Colossus—and, unfortunately, how the game's camera can fail you.


While you'll spend a good amount of time riding on the backs of wargs, spiders and other monsters, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow borrows very little from Golden Axe: Beast Rider.

Gabriel will spend plenty of time hanging from and jumping to ledges.