I like the fact this incredibly painful nutshot occurs in what appears to be a hotel suite. That's where nonsense of this sort should ideally take place.


Reminds me of a day long ago - well before digital photography - when half of the school paper checked into the Marriott Marquis of Atlanta for a bowl game. We were joined by an alumnus who was shooting freelance at the time. Shortly after he arrived in the lobby, shit you not, a UPS guy with a handtruck walked up. my friend signed something and then directed me and another guy to grab the boxes.

"What the hell is this shit?" I asked.

"Photo-Flo," he said.

"What the hell did you bring two cases of it for?"

Photo-Flo is used to clean negatives in developing. It is super-super-concentrated soap. A single gallon would last a darkroom about a year. Four gallons comprise a case.


"It's great for bombing public fountains," he said, as we walked by the large one at the center of the atrium.

Some topics to consider as you come clean about past pranks, and any subject that comes to mind.


• The FBI releases its heavily redacted files on the 1997 slaying of the Notorious B.I.G. They didn't find out who did it, but they did discover he was carrying "a Georgia driver's license, a pen, 0.91 grams of marijuana, an asthma inhaler, and three condoms." Full file dump at the link. [Los Angeles Times]

• This is allegedly a voice mail, left on a wrong number, in which a guy tactfully apologizes to his girlfriend for, ahem, fucking her sister, but then steers the discussion over to why she does not have big ass titties. Funny, but 100 percent bullshit. [NSFW audio]


• Cops in the Denver suburb of Lakewood pepper-sprayed an 8-year-old. That's fucked, but you know what? He probably had it coming.

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