A Virtual Tour of Xbox 360's Virtual Game Room

The retro-friendly Game Room hit the Xbox 360 early this morning somewhat out of whack, not allowing gamers to actually enter the arcade.

But as of an hour or so ago the gates to the arcade have been lifted and you're free to stroll in, spend your money and drop gum on the carpet.


I made this quick little video to show off what Microsoft's "showcase" arcade looks like in the Game Room, how easy it is to make your own arcade, the costs of things like mascots and games and, finally, what playing in the Game Room is like.

While this early experience is pretty cool, especially with the ability to create avatar-taunting custom challenges to send to your friends, I'd love to see the developers put a bit more effort into the way a game's play screen looks. I would love to see the screen surrounding art show up while playing a game. Sort of like what Capcom is doing with their retro XBLA titles.

I am also slightly in love with my avatar's new-found ability to do the robot, something I have yet to master in the real world despite this year's resolution.

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