A Video Tour of iPhone's Game Center

Apple's one-stop-shop for iPhone gamers and gaming, the Game Center, just went live with the release of the iPhone's 4.1 firmware update. Here's a run down of what you can expect once you get it installed.

First the heart breaker: Owners of the original iPhone, iPod touch and the iPhone 3G will be left out of the matchmaking, achievement gathering and friends list perusing of the new Apple gaming service.

If you're not on that list, then check out our video tour. One note, at the time of recording the video, no games yet supported Game Center, but that has been slowly changing.


Here's the full list of games now supporting it:

- PAC-Man
- Zen Bound 2 Universal
- Flight Control
- Cro-Mag Rally
- Fieldrunners
- FarmVille
- Real Racing
- Touchgrind
- Issac Newton's Gravity
- Cannon Challenge 2
- Megaplex Madness
- Enigmo 2
- Cocoto Magic Circus
- WordsWorth
- Nanosaur 2
- Adrenaline Gold Online
- Worldy Wings
- Graal Online Classic +

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I got me an iPhone 3GS, and am looking to see how this works and am looking for friends.

Nickname is "OtakuMan" in Game Center.

Who's up to try this sucker out?