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A Video Tour Of A Halo Fan's 'UNSC Man Cave'

One man is taking the impending launch of Halo: Reach very, very seriously, building a high tech, Halo-themed hovel full of cheaply acquired home theater equipment and shelves stuffed with female repellent. This is the "UNSC Man Cave."


In addition to a 150" projector screen, a 7.1 surround sound system and custom artwork all over the damn place, tons of Master Chief action figures line the walls and a custom Xbox 360 cooling stand rounds out Donkiekong76's custom-built nerd space. Something tells me someone's taking off September 14 for a full day's worth of Halo: Reach.

Add a fridge full of Mountain Dew—he did, apparently—some cargo shorts and a bushy beard, and you've got everything on the list crossed off. Thanks to Malcom for the heads up.

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nate venture

OK...umm, while I totally understand creating a badass gaming space for yourself, I don't understand the desire to dedicate all the space in it to one game or IP.

It just seems excessive. I like certain games a lot too (hell, I've got every L4D and L4D2 campaign poster plastered around my dorm-partment) but I still don't get how someone could be SO obsessed with one game, for a long enough time period, to dedicate this much time, space, and money to one thing. The same way I couldn't understand if someone built a home theater, and made the entire space all about one TV show, movie or anime series.

I'm just not the kind of person who could be that hung up on one thing to want to be completely and consistently surrounded by and reminded of it.