Gearbox's (and HAWP's) Anthony Burch has played Far Cry 4 a little differently to you or I. And the way he's played it sounds like a fantastic way to get some more playtime out of it.

Over on his No Wrong Way To Play The Game blog, he explains how, having finished the game "properly", he went back and played it (well, clearing outposts, since you can revisit them) with some very strict rules.


Those rules were:

  • No bullets. That means knives and arrows only, for the most part (though explosives and flamethrowers also counted, if you have any on-hand).
  • No minimap. If you want to see where the bad guys are, either take the time to target them or listen in.
  • No shopping. This might be the biggest one. The only way to get more stuff is to find it or loot it. Without the ability to constantly replenish your supplies, you need to plan every engagement, and make sure you're spending each piece of ammo economically.

This example is called "I am Batman", and pretty much sums it up.

Far Cry 4: outposts only, permadeath, no bullets, no minimap, no shopping [No Wrong Way To Play]

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