A Very Anime Love Story

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is full of perfect moments. And buried in it is a very, very anime love story.


Protagonist Edward’s martial arts trainer is a woman named Izumi. She’s tough as nails. And how she got that way is revealed in the bonus episode “Tales of the Master.”

When she was 18, Izumi spent a month on the treacherous, snowy Briggs mountains with only a knife to defend herself. It was to prove that she was a worthy student to another fighting master. There, on that mountain, after mastering the ways of survival, Izumi becomes so strong that she kills a bear with her hands.

After that month passed, Izumi runs through town to show her master the fruits of her training. She’s dragging the bear carcass, as one does. That’s when she meets the love her life, Sig, her future doting husband and professional meat butcher. So relatable.

Via Redditer Jamaa1995:

Izumi runs face-first into him. She turns to leave, but she forgot something:“Just a moment young lady! You forgot your dead bear,” Sig says.

“Oh! What a silly thing to forget! I just don’t know where my mind is today,” Izumi giggles. When they touch hands, they felt the love connection. “And that’s how a bear carcass forged our undying love,” Izumi explains later.

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Charles Cox

I am crying on the inside right now. I mean, how many opportunities do get to make a pun of this caliber?