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A Twin Stick Game With No Bullets

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Evader is a twin stick arcade game full of bursty voxel explosions and a trippy techno beat. There aren’t any bullets to fire—instead, players blow up baddies with two dots connected by a laser beam. It’s challenging and a lot of fun, which makes it a perfect Indie Pick.

Arcade games are meant to be easy to pick up and fun to play. Evader, made for Wizard Jam by Ben Wilson, takes the concept of a twin stick shooter and adds a very simple twist. It’s uncomplicated but effective, creating a game that is easy to understand but hard to master.

To keep things interesting, Evader had a few different enemy types that ask players to change their strategies. While most enemies can be zapped instantly, larger enemies require players to circle their two dots around them quickly. Other enemies require extended time trapped in the player’s laser beam. It mixes up gameplay and adds a bit of tactical consideration.


Indie Picks are mostly meant to be great “twenty minute games,” perfect for a quick session of fun while on a break. Evader nails it with fun combat and a leaderboard that will have you returning to see if you can be number one. It’s bright, flashy, and has a unique core mechanic. Besides, who doesn’t love lasers?

You can play Evader on Windows PC.