You've seen the evolution chart, right? The one that starts with a monkey and ends up with a human. Imagine something kind of like that, but with cosplay.

This is Mel Kishida. He's an illustrator best know his work on anime Hanasaku Iroha and the Atelier video games.

A few years ago, he posted this photo online, wishing everyone a happy Halloween, adding, "Trying with all my might to be fashionable."

People were amused! Then, he posted this to mark the release of PS game Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland:


More amusement! The image was viewed over 400,000 times, and it became a meme of sorts in Japan.

But then, he did this:


Epic. Simply epic. Likewise, the image became a meme online in Japan.

However, this year Kishida has pushed the envelope even further with his latest cosplay.


Amazing. He is cosplaying as a character from Kantai Collection.

How ever will he top this?

Is it even possible?

Oh, and in case you were wondering, here is what that cosplay looked like before it was Photoshopped for the magazine:


Ladies and gentlemen, Mel Kishida.

初めて艦これの影響力ってすげーなーと思った [@syukumizu]

【気になったネタ】 (岸田メル先生が「艦これ」島風のコスプレを披露www 他) [オタクの閉鎖空間]

ぜまかしコス [Iain]

Photos: mellco

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