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A Truly Fascinating Documentary About The Creation of Final Fantasy

As you might know, Square struggled to stay afloat up until Final Fantasy's release in 1987, at which point they began their journey towards becoming a huge part of gaming history. YouTuber Joshua Drew, in a thirty-minute video, takes a look at the events that lead up to the birth of this legendary franchise.


If you've got the time to spare, and consider yourself a fan of the series, you should definitely check this one out—and you might want to take a look at the first episode of Drew's "All Your Complaints" series, which deals with the company's earlier days.

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All Your Complaints - History of Squaresoft pt. 2 "Final Fantasy" [Joshua Drew@YouTube]

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Sad to see what's its become. Final Fantasy used to be one of the best RPG franchises of all time (arguably, to some it still is, but to me, it has fallen from grace.)

I'm hoping they get it right again with Final Fantasy 15, but I have my doubts.