If you played BioShock, you remember the opening level of the game. Who could forget it?

In a cool new video, ex-Irrational designer Bill Gardner sits down with IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey to play through “Welcome to Rapture,” the iconic opening level from the first BioShock. They chat while they play, hitting topics that range from the origins of the baby carriage revolver-splicer to the great internal debate over whether players should be able to use a wrench to break locks off doors.

If you’re a BioShock nerd, it’s a fun watch. I replayed the first five or so hours of this game little while back and was struck by just how much gusto it has, and what a showstopper of a performance it often was. Gardner describes their team as hungry, and nearly a decade since the game came out, that still shows: These people had something to prove, and they proved it.


Be right back, gonna go replay BioShock again.