A Teenager Tackles Respect For Girl Gamers

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Seventeen-year-old Jessica Cernadas is tired of the way she is treated online and games designed for men. She vents her frustrations in an NPR piece called "Why Do Girl Gamers Get So Little Respect?" Listen to it here.


Jessica's piece, part of a Radio Rookies program at NPR member station WNYC in New York, covers some of the common problems the increasingly large percentage of female gamers face as they delve into the 'men's club' of online gaming and suffer through games featuring over-sexualized female characters.

These are problems female gamers have been facing for years coming from a fresh voice and reaching a different audience through the broadcast on NPR.

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Thanks to reader rUprofessional for pointing out the piece!



If you say you're black online, people will tell you to pick some cotton

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If you say you're a woman, people will say go back to the kitchen.

And so on and so and so on.

But my point here is, they're accepting you. They're bringing you into their circle of online gaming. They're not giving you special treatment, they're giving you the same treatment everyone gets. By crying over it, you're disrespecting their customs. So if you can't take the heat...go back to the kitchen.