Those Rumored NX Controller Photos Are Both Fake

A reddit user claims they were behind the original “leaked” photo of an NX controller, and released a video showing his Photoshop work. But what about those other photos?! Well, those are fake, too. Sorry, #TeamReal.

Update 10:23 am, 3/25/16: Disregard everything you think is real; both “leaks” are now confirmed fakes. Not long after the original Photoshop artist revealed their con job, another video popped up, explaining how the seemingly more plausible photos were the result of a 3D laser printer:


“Hi all,” wrote Idriss2Dev. “Small video.” And then he dropped the bombshell:

Here’s a glimpse into how he reportedly did it:

They also published their renders on Deviant Art:


OK, so perhaps this really is a fake, but there’s reason to stay on the hype train.

Remember, after this photo showed up, a more convincing photo also appeared:


The original image looked a sketchy, but that? That looks awfully convincing.

Update 10:23 am, 3/25/16: As mentioned above, this is now a confirmed fake.

Here’s the patent Nintendo filed last December:


That’s not far off from the fake. What a wild ride!

Thankfully, we should be hearing official NX news sometime in the next few months, and everyone can start actually freaking out about the controller then.

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