A Sports Video Game Outsold Gears of War 3's Launch

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EA Sports' hot streak at retail continues to ride strong; FIFA 12 sold 3.2 million copies in its first week, the label reports, citing internal analysis. That means FIFA 12's launch was bigger than Gears of War 3's

That's a global figure buttressed by interest in the world's most popular sport; it's also a multiplatform title, where Gears 3 is a console exclusive (selling 3 million copies). But it's also an impressive 23 percent better than FIFA's first-week sales a year ago, and they set a record at the time.

FIFA joins Aug. 30's Madden NFL 12 and Sept. 13's NHL 12 in posting double-digit percentage increases in sales this year. The game has also sold another 879,000 copies the iPhone and iPad game that released at the same time as the retail launch.


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Ive never wasted a dime on sports games, just don't see what the big fuzz about them is.

Wanna play soccer? go out and grab a ball

Wanna play Gears of War? well, you can't